One of the business directions of Ferrari SpA is a network of conceptual Ferrari clothing and accessories stores, which was founded in 2002 and consists of 44 Ferrari stores in the biggest cities of the World, including Rome, Milan, Venice, Barcelona, London, Abu Dhabi, Al Kobar, Johannesburg, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Singapore, Macao and other cities.

The premise to the foundation of the Ferrari Store network was the desire to allow all admirers of Ferrari cars and fans of Formula 1 to touch the history of this legendary brand and to experience the feelings of Speed, Drive, Passion and Victory, by visiting a Ferrari Store in any corner of the world.

It is for this reason that Ferrari Store it is not just a place for shopping, but more importantly, it is a place where you can step into the atmosphere of races and experience unforgettable emotions which will accompany you for a long time at the touch of the exclusive clothes and accessories from the legendary brand.

The world of the Formula 1 and the world of GT cars are two souls of the Ferrari Company: one personifies sports and competitions, and the other – exclusivity and perfect skill. This dual nature is embodied in the Ferrari brand goods, which can consequently be divided into two categories:

-          Fan Collection concerns the world of Races and is intended for fans and admirers of Formula 1, wishing to touch the World of Superiority and Victory. The distinctive feature of this collection is sports style, the use of logos and colors of the Formula 1 design.

-          Lifestyle Collection transmits the atmosphere of exclusivity and is intended for owners of Ferrari cars and for all those who are attracted by the Ferrari lifestyle. This collection is distinguished by elegance, impeccable quality and skill of manufacturing inherent in Ferrari GT cars.

A Ferrari car is a dream for any driver, which implements sportiness, design, superiority over competitors, and faultless quality. These values have been cultivated by Ferrari for more than 60 years. Because of the network of Ferrari Stores, Formula 1 fans, Ferrari admirers and owners, regardless age and status, are now able to experience the Ferrari lifestyle and the energy of drive, speed and victory in the clothing and accessories range from the Ferrari brand.

The first Ferrari Stores were opened in Italy – in Maranello, Milan and Rome and their number increases every year internationally. Ferrari plans to bring the number of its worldwide stores up to 60 in the next two years by carefully selecting the locations most fitting to the prestige of the brand in order to widely present its collections while staying true to its exclusivity.  

The beginning of 2010 saw the grand opening the first official Ferrari Store in Kiev and the CIS.

The Store’s assortment of products includes Ferrari branded clothing, headwear and accessories for men and women, perfumery, leather goods, key rings, stationary, as well as baby and children’s clothing, wheeled products, toys, school bags and stationary sets. You will also find products designed for Ferrari by other designers such as Tod’s (footwear), Puma (clothing, footwear, bags), Logic3 (headphones, earphones) and others.



It is an official representative of the Ferrari Store brand in Ukraine, which presents the conceptual clothing and accessories stores. In the stores’ range of goods textiles, outerwear, headwear, accessories for men and women, perfumes and leather accessories, sets of key rings, stationery, children goods etc. are presented.

2010 year - the Ferrari Store brand in Ukraine. The Ferrari Store closed - 23.06.2019 г.


Ferrari is an Italian company, which produces racing and elite cars. Originally called «Auto Avio Costruzioni», Ferrari Company was founded in 1939 by Enzo Ferrari, the famous racer and «Alfa Romeo» test driver.

Exorbitant speed was the sole passion of young Enzo Ferrari. But it is doubtful whether somebody could suppose that Enzo, hired as a racer-tester «F.I.A.T» in the early 20-ies of the last century, will be the founder and long-term leader of the legendary company, which specializes in designing and producing of elite cars.

In 1946 a first car, named in honor of legendary Enzo Ferrari, appeared. It was the 125th model, which had the powerful 12-cylinder engine. It was the successful start for the company, which had just appeared on the Italian automobile market, wasn’t it? The late 40-ies in fact passed under «Ferrari» brand: the cars, designed by the company, won important competitions with surprising regularity, but the most considerable of company’s achievements had become the victory of «Scuderia» team in the early 50-ies in the race «24 Hours of Le Mans».

During the period 1951 to 1958 the whole line of the elite cars was designed.

In 1969 an event that changed the company took place. It was the merger of «Ferrari» with leading Italian car building concern «Fiat», which resulted in significant progress in the Italian automobile industry.

The popularity of «Ferrari» products was growing rapidly, and along with it the status of the lucky «red» car owners.

Today Ferrari Company is an undisputed leader of the world market in the production and sales of pure sports cars capable of speeding up to 250-300 km / h and giving their owners real pleasure. Up to date the brainchild of legendary Enzo Ferrari specializes in the production of the fastest cars in the world, because the thirst for speed always was the critical factor in Enzo’s life.

It is needless to speak a lot about the company’s success. In the repute of the diverse «Ferrari» cars there have already been more than 6000 wins in all possible kinds of racing, 14 victories in the Formula-1 Constructors' Championships and the absolute dominance in the most prestigious racing competitions in the course of five years, from 2000 to 2004. «Each model developed by «Scuderia» designers is a real legend» - Enzo Ferrari indicated. And his words were true.

It is the World Championship in ring auto racing in cars with open wheels. Formula 1, or «King's Formula» is the most popular, expensive and high-tech kind of racing.

It is an Italian auto racing team, which is a subdivision of an automobile company Ferrari engaged in racing. Since 1950 the team has participated in the races Formula 1 and has been the oldest and the most successful team in the championship.

The only official Ferrari clothing and accessories