Dear customers!  

If you make a one-time purchase at Ferrari Store to the amount of more than UAН 10000, you will become the owner of an accumulative discount card and get a 5% discount on a current / next purchase.

UAH 10000 – 5%           UAH 50000 – 10%           UAH 150000 – 20%


To receive cards of any denomination, you must fully complete the questionnaire.


We guarantee confidentiality of the received information.

  • A client can get a discount only in the presence of his discount card.
  • Each year a balance nullification of 5% cards is done.
  • The cards are valid provided minimum one purchase is made in the course of a year. Otherwise cards are invalidated!


* The discount cards are not applied to the special price goods, seasonal discounts goods, as well as to Memorabilia merchandise.
But for all the amount of all purchases will be added on personal account.

** The discount cards are not applied to the goods purchased in on-line shop.